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Imaginarium is one of the leading brands among children globally, characterised as being a pioneer in developing the concept of educational games linked to the magic and the imagination.

Founded in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1992, Imaginarium is a multichannel specialised retail company, with a vertically integrated business model. Its own in-house design and brand, its security and quality guarantee, along with its famous double door for adults and children, are the keys of one of the greatest success stories among Spanish brands, an unmistakeable sign for millions of families in the entire 28 countries where Imaginarium operates

Imaginarium customer success story


Business issue

Lots of data sources had led to a spread of information and a resulting loss in terms of customer insight.



Quality of customer data in every country where they operate.

Unification of customers into a single Database.

Identification of existing or new duplicated customers.

Consolidation of identified duplicated customers.


DEYDE offer

MyDataQ: An integrated solution with the Imaginarium Database and with all data entry platforms (web, shop, app) that allows for: localisation of duplicated customers with flexibility to adapt to different customer profiles and to manage existing and new records, in every country and alphabet.


Increase of purchase identification carried out by partners.

Improvement of client experience and better knowledge of customers.

Decrease of manual duplicates by 95%.

Improvement of communication processes with customers.

Phases to achieve success



Phase Zero:

3 different databases (Partner DB; Web Comparators DB; In-shop Comparators DB with shipping)

Standardisation of names and addresses in the entry of partners in Spain

Handled manually and internal deduplicator for entry of partners



Phase 1: Generation of a single DBase 1

Normalisation, deduplication and consolidation of customer data

Integration of every database



Phase 2: Standardisation of Web Services

Standardisation of new customers

All data entry platforms (physical entries, web entries and e-commerce)

Global service: 23 countries



Phase 3: Integrated Deduplication

Integrate location of duplicated items

Batch type: massive treatment of existing information

Incremental type: treatment of a set of new entries, crossing them with the historic files.

On-line type: handling of new entries when they take place, determining if they already exist in the DB.

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