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PRISA, a company specialised in the creation and distribution of content in the areas of culture, education, information and entertainment, is one of the Spanish-speaking world’s leading media groups.

Operating in more than 22 countries, it currently has over 60 million usersthrough its global brands El País, LOS40, Santillana, W Radio and As. With 30 million unique users globally (94.3 million unique browsers), PRISA is at the forefront of communications and education companies thanks to its solid multichannel and multi-device strategy.

PRISA Success Story


Business problem

New client registration data was stored in non-standardised operational systems and CRMs, which resulted in data errors and duplicate users (40%) caused by the various name and address formats in the different channels and systems (Web, CAC, etc.)



High quality Customer data in all the countries it operates.

Unification of customers into a single Database.

Identification of existing or new duplicate customers.

Consolidation of identified duplicate customers.


DEYDE proposal

The control of Quality Data Collection can be achieved with MyDataQwhich provides access to all DEYDE data standardisation and enrichment services. PRISA chose this service in theCloud, enabling access to all services in real time, with the highest levels of security and without technology investment costs.


Increase the effectiveness of marketing actions by identifying duplicate entries from different sources, with the correction of names, emails and mailing addresses.

A unified database with a 360º customer view and improved personalised relationships and communication.

Develop segmentation by gender in direct marketing campaigns.

Increase efficiency in the geolocation, with a very hign level of precision thanks to the allocation of coordinates X-Y

Ensure compliance with data protection legislation

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