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  • DEYDE aspires to achieve a quick consolidation of its brand, replicating the success cases of Spain, Mexico and Columbia

  • Finance, Retail, Insurance, Telecommunications, Basic Services, Government and Credit Bureaus will be key sectors

DEYDE, a technology multinational in Data Quality, continues advancing in its international career with the opening of a new office in Santiago de Chile, through a Chilean-Spanish company, DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos.

The creation of the new company, from which the company will offer a better service to its local customers, is a response to the continued international expansion strategy of DEYDE, which began in LATAM in 2012, with DEYDE Data Quality México, and continued in 2015 with DEYDE Colombia Calidad de Datos.

As a South American reference for many international companies, Chile is a stable country, with a mature information market, and where companies are investing more and more in technological tools that facilitate the development and success of their businesses. By taking advantage of this situation, DEYDE aims to achieve a quick consolidation of the brand, replicating the success cases of Spain, Mexico and Colombia, where its MyDataQ solution is a point of reference in the treatment and quality of data.

“Our expansion model is based on the signing of agreements with local partners in the territories where we have an interest in initiating activities. “These regional partners, who understand the country and all of its facets, are responsible for marketing the product and the management of the company, whereas from Spain, we take charge of the development and personalisation of MyDataQ for the country”, explains Sergio Rodrigo, President of the DEYDE Group“Using this strategy as a basis, we are convinced that Chile is going to be a very dynamic market for us, as well as pave the way to new countries”. 

Chile: a market of opportunities for data quality technology

With the arrival of automated tools for Data Quality on the market, DEYDE is in the best position to be able to offer data quality technology a solution which until now was practically non-existent on the Chilean market.

MyDataQ is a Data Quality solution specifically adapted to each country and language. It is fully parameterised, which offers immediacy when starting to work with it and has internal data that are, precise, reliable, complete and constantly updated.

With its high performance, MyDataQ guarantees minimal errors and is capable of processing several million records per hour, with a high percentage of assertiveness in the standardisation of data.

In this regard, and considering the contribution that DEYDE can make to the market, the initial idea is to provide guidance to the business regarding the large users of information in sectors such as finance, retail, insurance, telecommunications, basic services or government, and also reaching the large processors and holders of data such as credit bureaus.

In addition, DEYDE Chile Calidad de Datos has also initiated a series of meetings with global consultants with whom it already collaborates in Spain, Mexico and Colombia, similarly explore ways of collaboration in this country.

“In the short term, the main objective is to support the activities of the recently created DEYDE Chile, and in the medium term, continue searching for partners in countries such as Argentina, Brazil or Peru”, adds Sergio Rodrigo“Generally speaking, our aim is to consolidate and grow in these markets, create alliances that allow us to offer similar solutions in any part of the world and extend the capacities of MyDataQ with our own and/or third-party solutions so that it becomes the global Data Quality Expert System of reference”.

Gartner Inc., in the Magic Quadrant of Data Quality which it published at the end of 2015 sees DEYDE as a leading company with solutions for the standardisation of names and addresses and for obtaining the Single Customer View for European and Latin American countries.


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