The DEYDE tool is now prepared to incorporate the new denominations after the change in the names of 52 streets in the capital.

MyDataQ identifies references that are impossible to locate, rectifies incorrect addresses that create return to senders, and verifies and updated post codes.

After the Council of Madrid passed the name change in 52 streets and squares included on the municipal map, DEYDE multinational for Data Quality technology , has MyDataQ as the most appropriate solution for ensuring its rigorous corporate policy for data quality.

After many months of uncertainty, on the 28th of April the full meeting of the Council of Madrid decreed the name change of these references. In this way and in compliance with the Historical Memory Law ratified in 2007, the new streetmap edition of the capital no longer included these thoroughfares and squares, although the plaques (physical change) have not been replaced yet.

Although the tradition of naming streets is very old, it was not until the beginning of the XIX century when specific rules for naming, signs and numbering roads were drawn up. Since then the city has undergone progressive change and from that time when there were hardly 600 names registered this number has gone up to 9,169 names at present.

Just as shown on the Council of Madrid website, the origin of the street names and squares is highly varied. In order to create univocal, rational and simple addresses which give rise to a unique and precise georeference or locating system, the name of these roads may be related to previous place names; be based on items in the field of arts, sciences, society or tradition; or correspond to proper nouns for people who are have a special importance or bond with the city.

“The municipal street map data is dynamic information: new addresses are allocated daily and others are amended or taken away. In this way, the changes in street names, post codes or reallocation of streets to new post codes are very common” said Mario Peñas, Commercial and Alliances Director for EMEA and US of DEYDE from DEYDE. “However, the truth is a massive change is not something habitual, so it may be perceived as a disadvantage by certain citizens, organizations and companies”.

The tangle of streets: yesterday general today writer

Apart from the complications and annoyances that name changes may mean for many people (memorizing new names, amending personal documentation, receipts, etc) for companies and small traders located on the streets or squares affected, the problem is even larger. Apart from having to change the sign, advertising materials and/or packaging, an alteration of this size means there is a duty to advise suppliers, creditors, debtors and customers of the new name.


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