DEYDE Calidad de Datos, aware of how important it is for companies to be committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, thus helping to improve the situation of the neediest societies and the environment.

Our latest initiative in Social Responsibility was to join the SEUR Foundation´s project called “Caps for a New Life”. The objective of this project is to help children without resources to access medical treatment or orthopaedic devices that are not provided in their healthcare system in order to improve their quality of life.

With this project, started in April of 2011, SEUR has managed to recycle more than a thousand tonnes of plastic; a material derived from petroleum that takes more than 500 years to degrade. The extraction of more oil and the manufacture of “new” plastic are avoided, since materials can be produced with recycled plastic, thus reducing the use of energy, raw materials and generating less waste. This has prevented the emission of CO2; the main gas that causes climate change.

Therefore we set up containers in our offices for the collection of caps, which our employees welcomed with great interest, and we joined this charitable collection, encouraging not only our team to take part, but also society in general. We want to sensitise the community about the benefits of small initiatives like “Caps for a New Life“, because of it enormous positive impact on both the neediest and the environment.

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