DEYDE, a technology multinational dedicated to Data Quality projects, held an  Informative Conference on Data Quality in Madrid, at the Hotel Silken Puerta América.

Titled: “Data Quality: Information as a reliable asset”, this event gathered directors and departmental managers from more than 50 companies from different sectors, such as banking, insurance, communications and marketing, to discuss the importance of Data Quality. The Conference also included the participation of speakers from important organisations such as BBVA, REALE and WYSEDO-DEYDE.

In this manner, and with the objective of reinforcing the importance that having a structured and a standardised database has on the success of a business, in addition to tendencies such as digital transformation and data monetisation, Jaime Roig, Sales Director at DEYDE, broke down the current moment in which we find ourselves. As he said, “the era of hyperconnectivity in which we live is causing a digital transformation marked by the multichannel possibilities and the use of data which leads to a better understanding and perception of the individuals. These data become direct assets for the generation of revenue. In this area, Data Quality will allow the information of the organisations to be complete, accurate, up-to-date and unique and, most importantly, valid for the purposes for which it was created, that of being a reliable asset”.

Capturing the value of data

For its part, and from the perspective that an efficient “data culture” could represent an opportunity and a differential value for offering more efficient services to customers, María Hernández Rubio, Data Scientist at BBVA Data & Analytics, stated in the presentation “Building Innovative Data Products in a Banking Environment” highlighting the importance that business intelligence processes represent for banking entity.

In addition, and at the hand of Miguel Cruz González, Director of Marketing at REALE, he pointed out the benefit that the development of a business model based on Data Quality  could have for a company in the Insurance sector.

Controlling data quality from source

After the dissemination of two real examples which made the importance of data quality processes in facilitating knowledge about customers and the range of personalised services evident,  David Domínguez, Managing Partner at WYSEDO-DEYDE Data Services, detailed in his presentation, “Presentation of information management services to make better decisions”, the range of solutions of the company. The proposal of WYSEDO consists of collaborating with the companies throughout the information cycle, understanding their current situation, proposing adapted solutions on a case-by-case basis and anticipating new needs that may arise.

For the grand finale, Ana Calvo from the Data Quality Department at DEYDE, provided a practical demonstration of the MyDataQ AutoCompletion system, which offers a series of Web services for the assisted capture and enrichment of information from the customers systems, providing Data Quality and recording speed.

Thanks to these services, the user can more easily and correctly record the information, which is entered into the database already standardised, validated, encoded and enriched.

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