At a conference held on the 7th of June in Madrid, DEYDE with the support of companies such as CEPSA, ONEY and TINSA, showed how to smooth the path towards digital transformation.

DEYDE multinational specialist in technology for Data Quality systems held an information day on Data Quality on the 7th of June in Madrid.

With the title: “Data Quality in Digital Transformation processes”, this event gathered together the directives and department heads of over 50 companies in different sectors. By means of success cases, practical examples and demos, and from leaders such as CEPSA, ONEY and TINSA, the attendants could find out the latest trends in Data Quality applied to digital transformation processes.

Digital transformation consists in taking advantage of the potential of digital technologies to reinvent organizations themselves. It is, therefore, a process which is almost obligatory for organizations and companies which do not want to fall behind with technological progress and Internet channels to face.

Starting from this reality, Jaime Roig and Pedro Gallego, Sales Director and Technical Director of DEYDE, respectively began the day tackling the challenges and opportunities which data quality applied to digitalization means. “Although a high percentage of companies consider the data they have to be incorrect and low quality, on many occasions Data Quality is not a priority”, said Jaime Roig, Sales Director of DEYDE. “Correct management of these data, by means of incorporating the updated, correct, normalized and enriched information which creates quality data and added value, is crucial to digitalization”.

Really, many difficulties converge in the data for carrying out digital transformation. From this perspective, Pedro Gallego, Technical Director of DEYDE reflected on the importance of processing information correctly, as well as having a solution such as MyDataQ, a quality data system which enables information to be kept which is complete, precise, consistent, updated, unique and most importantly, valid for the purpose it was created for, to be a trustworthy asset. In this sense, the demonstration in real time carried out by Carlos del Castillo, Head of R+D+I at DEYDE, stated the need to have the appropriate analysis tools, such as MyDataQ Stats, to tackle the digitalization processes in companies.

“Only from data which is totally truthful and high quality, together with use of technological solutions which have been specifically designed for such a purpose (MyDataQ), will companies be able to design their own strategies for digital transformation. Moreover, they will take the right decisions and will comply with regulations such as the GDPR”, said Pedro Gallego.

Case Studies: DEYDE, the best ally

All data created by a company integrated with that from third parties enables a real data platform to be created which could be monetized. Aware of this situation, companies like TINSA, ONEY or CEPSA have placed their trust in DEYDE to spearhead data quality processes which ensure they will gain better knowledge about their customers and a personalized programme of services.

For the service provider, the property valuer, TINSA, which for several years has been going through a real digital evolution on all levels (organizational, for staff and technology), digital transformation gives a differential value, something needed to offer a better user experience and reach excellence in its processes.

“Digital transformation is not application of a series of isolated digital measures, but a set of processes which promote transformation of the company”, explains Ramon Mateos, Customer Service and Systems Director at Tinsa.

“Therefore, the goals of this transformation must revolve around a business model and experience which is more and more efficient, in which, of course, capture of precise data and rapid results are vital. TINSA has become a (Data Decision Driven) DDD company”.

Customer experience in digital environments

Understanding data as being key pieces for giving the customer an improved experience and an optimum digitalization strategy, Daniel Escuder, Data Office Manager at ONEY, referred to how the company is committed to defining a new direction which enables them to “love” the customer thanks to a personalized service offer.

“As specialists in means of payment and financing, at ONEY we understand that having an adequate strategy for data quality is an important mainstay for reaching our customers better” said Daniel Escuder. “In recent years, the type of customer, as well as its needs has changed. An adequate strategy for data quality will enable us to store data about customers, understand their needs and launch personalized messages, thereby making a better purchasing experience”.

Having normalized and quality data is vital to store useful information and for achieving, amongst other things, market segmentation. With this concept in mind, and in order to know its “live” customer base in a market as traditional as is LPG bottling, CEPSA faced the challenge of digitalizing its complete base for customers.

“With over 3.5 million customers we operated without having normalization criteria and were disconnected from sales transactions. With DEYDE we have defined a new operating model based on the use of mobile terminals which has enabled us to reach our goal”, commented Marcos Pallas, LPG Marketing Manager at CEPSA. “From all this process, we have learnt two things: any type of market can be digitalized, taking into account that there may be many different degrees of digitalization, and something as simple as data quality can complicate any digitalization project and process automation”.

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