DEYDE, a multinational specialising in Data Quality technology, continues to make good progress. The company recorded a global organic growth of 31.20% during the 2017 financial year, or 32.50% at constant exchange rates. In Spain, turnover increased by 14.70%.

These very positive figures are tangible proof that DEYDE’s comprehensive market and expansion strategy continues to bear fruit. Similarly, improved trading conditions in territories experiencing economic recovery, and the strong performance of MyDataQ, as an increasingly consolidated data quality solution, have fuelled these results.

DEYDE has offices in four countries (Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Chile) with a total of over 50 staff. With the right business model, based on broad local knowledge (market, customers, target sectors, etc.), the adaptation of MyDataQ to the subtleties and language of each country, and the continuous addition of specialised resources and/or agreements with local partners, DEYDE has managed to differentiate itself from other global Data Quality solution providers.

‘After more than 16 years of operations, we continue to move forward with a solid annual growth that not only endorses the sustainability and relevance of our business model, but also our technological strength, together with the high degree of specialisation and commitment of DEYDE’s team’, says Jaime Roig, Sales Director at DEYDE‘From now on, the crucial pillars of our future strategy will continue along the same lines; we will retain our position as a reference in Data Quality in the most consolidated markets and niches, and expand our presence in Europe and Latin America at the same time’.

DEYDE processes more than 500 million records annually worldwide, and has over 300 satisfied users, mainly large global corporations such as Allianz, AT&T, BBVA, Mapfre or Santander.


Spain at the forefront

Although in Spain companies from the insurance, banking and logistics sectors have traditionally entrusted their Data Quality projects to DEYDE, in 2017 new sectors have joined its list of clients. So, organisations from the e-commerce, FinTech or utilities industries have chosen MyDataQ as a solution to optimise the information contained in their databases.

Similarly, other factors such as the upcoming implementation of the GDPR, or the increasing need to manage quality data to appropriately address BI, CRM or direct marketing projects, have made a solution and a specialist supplier like DEYDE, that can help get the most out of data, a priority.

‘Data quality projects are a key factor in designing business strategies; in Spain, more than 300 satisfied customers trust DEYDE and there is a high level of customer loyalty’, explains Jaime Roig. ‘On the basis of these very satisfactory figures, our plans for 2018 are to continue to increase our customer base, maintain a virtually zero abandonment rate, and at the same time strengthen our position in new strategic areas. From an economic point of view, we foresee a growth of between 20% and 25%.

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