MyDataQ Auto Completion

Tool developed for the correct recording of name and postal address data with the minimum taps.

What does it offer

  • With MyDataQ AutoCompletion it is possible to include a complete system in the applications that suggests towns, cities and street names during the register process, reaching the maximum data quality in the entered address.
  • Automatic standardisation of data.
  • Improvement of the user experience in the application.
  • In the name recording process, MyDataQ AutoCompletion improves the capture of the entered names, suggesting names and surnames as they are entered in the application, and improving the user experience, as well as optimising the time of use of the application.
  • Increase of up to 40% of the recording speed.
  • Saving of 50% of name taps and of 70% for addresses.
  • Elimination of ambiguous items caused by human errors.
  • Easy integration in web applications through JSF facelets components, JavaScript, custom tags of Struts®…
  • Improves customer service: Immediate customer identification, reduction of waiting times and retrieval time to focus on the business message.
  • EIn desktop applications, multi-platform integration through the use of native libraries or use of remote services through http.cio.

This can be complemented with the rest of DEYDE products.

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