MyDataQ Candidates

Intelligent system that facilitates data capture.

What does it offer

  • This is recommended for applications where it is vital to facilitate correct register of the postal address in the same moment of its registration, especially in applications with new users register or in forms for the modification of its shipment address.
  • Eliminates errors in the recording of postal addresses and guarantees the quality of data entered.
  • Suggests the user possibilities of cities and/or street names most similar to the typed entry.
  • Improves the user experience in the end use of the application.
  • Can be complemented with the rest of DEYDE products to reach the best Data Quality.
  • Easy integration in Web applications through JSF facelets components, JavaScript, custom tags of Struts®…
  • In desktop applications, multi-platform integration through the use of native libraries or use of remote services through http.

This can be complemented with the rest of DEYDE products.

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