MyDataQ Web Services

Solution for the control of Data Quality in the source.

Recommended for the establishment of standardisation services in complex or technologically heterogeneous architectures.


What does it offer

With MyDataQ WebServices it is possible to access all data standardisation and enrichment services of DEYDE.

Based in a client/server model. Web services for the data quality of DEYDE fulfil  the most commonly used standards in Web services: WSDL 1.1 and 2.0, SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, REST, JSON light exchange format, as well as XML…

MyDataQ WebServices can be installed in most application J2EE servers such as IBM WebSphere®, Bea Weblogic®, JBoss AS® or Apache Tomcat®. Besides J2EE servers, MyDataQ WebServices can be installed in .NET platforms from Microsoft® under the IIS server.



User licence

MyDataQ WebServices is installed in the client facilities, so that they can access locally the Web services of Data Quality in their own servers without making external calls.

DEYDE offers the proper training for its use and management, as well as they guarantee la technical assistance and maintenance during the entire underwriting period of the Licence Agreement.

Acces to DEYDE servers

An advanced infrastructure of services managed through the DSS system (DEYDE Secure Service) that builds a scalable, redundant and robust architecture is available to the customer.

DEYDE servers are located in multiple CPD’s distributed geographically, guaranteeing a SLA over 99,9%. This usage form is ideal for those clients that do not want to have the Data Quality services located in their facilities and they require high levels of availability with the greatest usage speed.

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