Predictions and data trends for 2018

Companies will go from generating information to optimizing it, while their data become their driving force. The key is not only to determine what new data should be used and what data to ignore, but also to periodically examine the quality of the data to verify its accuracy and value. Thus, throughout 2018, a series of technologies, roles and approaches will become more relevant due to the value they bring, as well as boosting the data strategies of those companies that incorporate them.

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DEYDE’s successful business strategy drives its 2017 global growth

DEYDE, technological multinational of Data Quality, continues to advance with a firm annual growth that not only validates the sustainability and relevance of its business model, but also its technological strength, registering an overall increase of 31.20%, while in Spain, sales continue to grow by 14.70%. These positive figures are tangible proof that the studied market and expansion strategy led by DEYDE continues to bear fruit.

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Data Quality to maximise the potential of Big Data

Big Data can deliver great advantages to companies from all sectors through the management of their market knowledge and their customers, consequently its management has become a priority within corporate digital strategies.

This is reflected in recent studies by IDC Consulting that, in addition to confirming its importance, estimate that services and technologies related to Big Data will generate turnover of 48,600 million dollars in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 23.1% until then.

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6 Tips for choosing the best Data Quality system

Choosing the best Data Quality system is a key issue for working with information that facilitates communication with customers and, at the same time, optimises the daily management of data in order to make all operations profitable. The general recommendation is to take at least the following aspects into consideration:

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DEYDE joins the SEUR Foundation´s ” Caps for a New Life ” project

At DEYDE Calidad de Datos we are aware of how important it is for companies to be committed to Corporate Social Responsibility; thus helping to improve the situation of the neediest societies and the environment.

Our latest initiative in Social Responsibility was to join the SEUR Foundation´s project called “Caps for a New Life”. The objective of this project is to help children without resources to access medical treatment or orthopaedic devices that are not provided in their healthcare system in order to improve their quality of life.

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