The Data Director, key piece within the business strategy

In the digital era, information is a corporate asset that flows through all the areas of an organisation. Large amounts of data that grow exponentially and transcend even the limits of the company itself. This situation causes both the governance as well as the quality of data to become priority issues when providing value to the business strategy, sufficient reason why a growing number of companies are incorporating the role of Data Director or Chief Data Officer (CDO) into their ranks.

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Moving towards a proper management of open data: open data as a motor for innovation

Free access to certain public information is an opportunity for citizens and companies to be able to understand the key point s that define the rhythm and evolution of a country, as well as ensuring greater transparency, collaboration and participation between the institutions. In effect, we are talking about Open Data or how to make complete, quality and potentially reusable data from official sources available to the general public.

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DEYDE raises its turnover by 20 % in 2016

DEYDE multinational Data Quality technology, continues to reap the rewards of its successful sales strategy, which has enabled it to continue raising its turnover by 20% with respect to the previous financial year. In Spain turnover continues to grow in 2 digit figures, above 10% whilst in Latin America income has risen by over 50%.

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DEYDE participates in the labour conference organised by AFI

Talent is a fundamental part of the growth of DEYDE. We are aware that if we do not accompany our growth as a company with people who are passionate and have the relevant skills, we will see ourselves bordering on the edge of failure. It is for this reason that on 5 April, we participated in the employment conference organised by the renowned AFI Business School.

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MyDataQ Stats, the new tool to improve the analysis of Data Quality processes

DEYDE, a Data Quality technology multinational has just announced the development of MyDataQ Stats, a solution to complement MyDataQ, which permits the analysis of the information processed using the Data Quality product provided by the company.
Integrated within MyDataQ, this tool offers a dynamic and advanced web interface so that the user may view , study and perform statistical analyses of the data provided by the different MyDataQ modules, and grouped values.

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MyDataQ-OnLine, Best Business Software at the ComunicacionesHoy Awards 2017

DEYDE, the Data Quality technology multinational has, for the third year running, received an award at the IX Edition of the Comunicaciones Hoy Awards in the Business Software Category, for its DEYDE MydataQ-OnLine solution.

At the latest edition, which took place on 6 April in Madrid, the jury comprising professionals from the IT sector and not affiliated to the magazine, wanted to recognise all those technological solutions and projects that demonstrated innovation and quality in the current and ICT market.

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