Corporate Social Responsibility

In DEYDE we believe that values in which corporative culture is funded influence not only the company internally, but also society.

Aware of our impact as a company, in DEYDE we wish to contribute in social, economic and environmental improvement, involving therein, not only DEYDE as a company, but rather each and everyone of the members of the DEYDE team.mundo_verde

We aim to go a step further than the simple law and regulations enforcement, assuming their respect and strict enforcement, developing business issues in a responsible and supporting way.

Regarding the Community, we are involved in child protection, ans as such collaborate with NGOs such as Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S. España, we make occasional donations in response to natural disasters (such as Haiti or Nepal earthquakes) and we foster employment, reinvesting a part of the benefits in job generation, with special attention to young people searching for their first job and persons aged over 40.

In relation to environment, DEYDE has in its delegations specific recycling points:

  • Special recycling container for cartridge and toners. Subsequently, they are collected by an specialised and authorised company for the handling and destruction of these materials.
  • Paper containers. All paper used on a daily basis in the offices, and provided that it does not contain personal data, is deposited in those containers. Later, these special containers for the paper and cardboard recycling are emptied.

Another example of the engagement of DEYDE with environment is the recent publication issued to their collaborators of a manual with a series of good practices and advices regarding energy saving. In said manual, you can find measures like the “ecological” use of equipment, the reasonable use of artificial light or the adequate use of air conditioning in the offices.

Finally, and with regard to the economic improvement, in DEYDE we are commited to quality standards along with our customers. We wish to create more efficient customer businesses and to collaborate, with our products and services, in the sustainable economic growth of our community.