DEYDE Group, in order to offer services and solutions aimed at information technologies has diversified its business activities with the creation of WYSEDO, a business unit through which the group offers a cycle of complete services to its customers.

Created in April 2016 as DEYDE DATA SERVICES, the new company operates on the market under the commercial brand WYSEDO, a union of concepts with a clear meaning: “wisdom” to “do” (from the English words “wise” and “do”).

In this manner, WYSEDO is born with the intention to position itself is a leader in the IT sector by providing its customers services and solutions in the area of data capture, quality and governance and business intelligence.
WYSEDO, as part of the DEYDE Group, distinguishes itself by having its own database, mainly containing street and town data, which are continually updated. Furthermore, it has its own expert tools for the management of Data Quality (MyDataQ) and a highly qualified technical team comprising IT engineers and specialists in information management, with 15 years of experience in the development of projects with customers.

At WYSEDO, data security and protection is part of its DNA and therefore complies with the legal requirements for its processing, possessing the standards, installations and technical means for the medium level security measured and many of them for high level security, in accordance with the regulations of the Spanish Data Protection Act.
With a clear international focus, due to the growing demand of its customers, WYSEDO also offers its specific services and solutions for South America and Europe


WYSEDO – Contact Information
Chile 4, Edif. Las Américas II
28290 Las Matas (Las Rozas de Madrid) – Madrid
T: 918 266 744 | E: |

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